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Colorado Visions | Denver Editorial Photographer

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Djemaa el-Fna - Marrakesh, Morocco 2006

Be A Part Of The World’s Largest Photography Encyclopedia

As a Denver editorial photographer for over 20-years, my assignments have taken me to 49 states (I’m still hoping for that shoot in Hawaii) and 22 foreign countries.  Although most assignments are very specific, I always try to find time to take some travel style pictures that capture the people and geography along with the quintessential tourist locales.

One of my images from a 2011 trip to Hong Kong was chosen by Fotopedia to highlight Fotopedia’s Top 10 things to do in Hong Kong.

Star Ferry - Fotopedia's One of Hong Kong's Top Ten Things To Do

Let me share with you one of the coolest photography websites out there.  It’s called Fotopedia and it’s the largest photo distribution network that is building a photo encyclopedia that lets photographers and photo enthusiasts collaborate and enrich images to be useful for the whole virtual world to see.

No need to be a professional photographer – though if you are one do add your own photos.  All you need is love and being interested in a topic: from my hometown of Littleton, Colorado, to some far away places like Turkey and Morocco, or even a star athlete or entertainer.  Fotopedia enables you to jump into a pool of millions of photos to illustrate anything that interests you.  Or, just enjoy travel photography from all corners of the globe.  Then use your knowledge to select the most relevant photos and illustrate the encyclopedia articles you like.

Then take a trip to exotic places, enlighten yourself with interesting topics and inspire you more articles. Creating an article is just as simple as adding photos.

Photos are ordered by votes in encyclopedia articles and in search results. Vote on the best photos to give them more visibility. Fotopedia has been praised for the quality of the photos in the encyclopedia. All members and visitors who voted are to thank for making Fotopedia one of the highest quality photo resources in the world.

You can vote for some of my travel photography images at and searching: Venice, Istanbul, Rio de Janeiro, Marrakech and Jerusalem.

Grand Canal in Venice 2006

Rio De Janeiro 2012

A man prays inside the Sultan Ahmed Mosque - Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey

Created in partnership with the UNESCO World Heritage Center, the app takes you on an inspiring visual journey with over 250,000 spectacular photos that depict over 3,000 places of interest.

Fotopedia Heritage is taking a crucial role in raising awareness about our mission to protect the planet’s most outstanding cultural and natural sites.

The community of editorial photographers created or contributed the most beautiful and representative photos, while curators carefully sorted and selected them to provide a stunning experience. Keep voting on the best photos to ensure the encyclopedia remains an awesome visual experience.

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