Colorado Visions Event Photography | A Birthday Celebration

Colorado Visions Event Photography | A Birthday Celebration

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The cake celebrating the Navy and Marine Corps 237th birthday

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Imagine a birthday party complete with a cake cutting, speeches, drinks, dinner and dancing.

The celebration was the 237th Navy and Marine Corps birthday.   The annual event is marked by Navy and Marine Corps units throughout the world.

The Midshipmen, Officer Candidates, and Marines of the University of Colorado’s Naval ROTC battalion this year together with their guests gathered for night of celebration at the Embassy Suites Hotel in downtown Denver.

The color guard carried the colors into the hotel ballroom

For the Boulder based battalion it was their tenth annual Sea Services Ball to commemorate the founding of the Navy and Marine Corps.

I was hired for general event photography along with setting up a photo booth style area with a backdrop and studio lighting for professional quality portraits of guests.  Another service I was able to provide was professional on-location event printing.   With my camera tethered to a laptop, images transferred from the camera to the computer in seconds and could be edited and printed with professional results from the DNP DS40 Dye Sub Printer.  Prints were placed in folders and given to guests as a keepsake photo from the Sea Services Ball formal.

Marines had fun with a group portrait

Studio style lighting makes for high quality group portraits

Couples pose for pictures and were given prints on-location

Everyone looked great in their formal dress atire

The ceremony was the highlight of the evening. The purpose of the Ball was to celebrate the birthday of the Navy and Marine Corps, and the touching speeches given and traditions observed at the ceremony gave everyone cause to reflect on the significance of the occasion. The military is full of customs and traditions.

The events of the ceremony reflected on the importance of these traditions. The ceremony would not have been complete without the military Honor Guard to attend the aisle, sideboys to honor the officers and guests, or the proper escort for the cakes.  The it was a chance for everyone to hit the dance floor for a selection of music that included some traditional dance tunes as well as the new dance craze by overnight Korean sensation Psy and his Gangnam Style Horse Dance.

The sailors and marines can dance

Everyone had a good time at the Sea Services Ball

As a Denver event photographer, I was glad to be a part of an evening of celebration for the men and women that make sacrifices every day for our freedom.

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