Professional Product Photography | Food Photography

Professional Product Photography | Food Photography

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To the average consumer, product photography often looks fairly straightforward and simple.  As a Denver product photographer, those products that appear to be simple, can often be the most challenging to photograph.

Products large and small can be photographed to showcase the finer points. Using a controlled studio environment items can be photographed to highlight the finest details, add color and reduce any glare from a glass or shiny surface. Denver product photographer Brian Walski works tirelessly to guarantee satisfaction. Clients can view images of the photographic process by viewing the shoot with a dedicated online gallery throughout the shoot. Images can then be fine-tuned to the customer’s specifications.

Take for example a recent product photography shoot I completed for an online specialty spice company.  Opa Helmut’s Rub is a family owned and operated maker of specialty German spices.  The shoot was to photograph a group photo of their products both in and out of the packaging and then photograph each spice paired with a meat or vegetable that it would highlight each spice.

Another recent professional product photography shoot was, again a seemingly simple product photo, a series of a small perfume bottles.  Here the difficulty was in lining up the bottled properly and straight as well as creating a high-intensity reflection free photograph of multiple glass surfaces.  I started from the simplest lighting setup and built the composition step by step, analyzing the outcome with every change I made during the shoot.

An attention to the finest details and the ability to fine-tune a product shoot during the course of the shoot is the skill of a professional product photographer.

If you need to have products of ant size photographed for your business, Brian Walski and Colorado Visions Photography will ensure that your products are photographed with the utmost precision and attention to every detail.  Call Colorado Visions at 303-346-2070 for all your product photography needs.

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