What to Ask Your Wedding Photographer Before Hiring?

What to Ask Your Wedding Photographer Before Hiring?

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As couples plan their wedding day, one of the most important decisions involves choosing your wedding photographer.  Your selection of a photographer is going to have a direct impact on the memories of your wedding day.

Finding the perfect Colorado wedding photographer means asking the tough questions. Choose the photographer that fits your needs and you will have wedding images to cherish forever.

Your wedding is one of the most memorable days of your life – Are you going to trust preserving the memories to just anyone?

Choose your photographer with care and you will ensure that your wedding photographs are perfect, beautiful portraits capturing the emotion of the event.

Here is a list of list of items to talk about when choosing your wedding photographer.

  1. Wedding Experience – discuss the photographer’s experience. While you might pay a lower price for a new photographer, remember this is a once in a lifetime event that is almost impossible to recreate. Do you want to entrust your wedding photos to someone without a proven record of success.
  2. Photo style – discuss the photographer’s shooting style. Are they creative and have a style that will have your wedding party posing in non-traditional ways? How will the wedding photographer approach the day? Make sure their creative vision agrees with yours.
  3. Quality guarantees – discuss the quality of the photos, including the post-production process. Will you own the digital negatives? All photographers have different post-production processes and use different manufacturers for photographs and for the extras, like albums and frames. What will the photographer do if you have an issue?
  4. Other guarantees – your satisfaction should be the priority. Make sure your photographer is professional and prepared for the unexpected, such as emergencies, equipment failures, etc. What guarantees are in place to ensure that you receive the pictures you were promised?  This is the real definition of a professional wedding photographer.
  5. Timeframe for finished images – with most services, you receive the final service the day of the event. With photography, you wont receive your images until days or even weeks later. Make sure you know how much time it will take from the day of the wedding until you have your proofs, and how long it takes to receive your final images once you have made your selections
  6. Pricing - pricing can include your original package price, plus any extras purchased outside of your inclusions. Find out all costs an ask how long pricing is guaranteed.  Get specific numbers so that you will not be shocked by a large bill later.
  7. Sample pictures and albums – ask to view samples of other weddings. Good wedding photographers will have plenty of samples, including complete albums, for you to view and learn from. Look closely, can you see yourself in the images? Do they have the right look and feel?
  8. Archiving – find out if your photographer offers archival services. This is important if you ever lose one or more of your photos to loss or damage. More than one bride has lost everything from a computer crash and/or house fire. A trusted professional will be there and have your images in the event of a loss.
  9. Staffing your wedding – who is going to be taking the actual pictures. A great interview with a professional wedding photographer will do you no good if their assistant ends up being the one taking the images. Discuss who will be the main photographer and the experience of all involved.
  10. Services Contract – have a contract signed by both parties that details all the photographic services and products that include: time photographing your wedding, ownership of images, cancellation policy, payment details and any other services.  This is to ensure both parties meet all agreed expectations.

Finding the perfect Colorado wedding photographer means doing a little homework and asking the right questions. Choose the photographer that fits your style and budget and you will have wedding images to cherish forever.

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